Who Is Ignite Business Network Suitable For:

Ignite Business Network is a business to business referral network. It is suitable for seasoned networkers and those who are new to networking. 


Ignite Business Network is for business people:

  • with an open and giving mindset
  • who want to build long term relationships that lead to personal and professional growth
  • who want to share what they know to help others grow
  • who are hungry to learn and grow their skills, their mindset and their business
  • Ignite Business Network is for people who value and promote inclusion and diversity.

This network is for heart centred business owners who cherish their staff and their customers alike. 



This network will run on a weekly basis.  Each meeting with be one and half hours (1 1/2) in duration.  There will be three options to start with:

  • Tuesday: 9.30am – 11am
  • Thursday: 9.30am – 11am
  • Thursday: 12.00am – 1.30pm

The intention is to run the Tuesday meeting as a Zoom meeting only, with quarterly in person meetups. 

The intention for the Thursday meetings is to run these in person or in a hybrid capacity, e.g. two meetings on Zoom, two meetings in person.  

Based on interest, a final schedule will be decided.


Seat Policy:

There is a one seat per profession policy.  This can often be a point of discussion as two businesses in the same sector, might have different target audiences, e.g. one targetting a business of 1-20 users and one with +20 users and therefore there is room for two companies in the same sector.  This will be analysed and discussed on a case by case basis.



The cost is €100 per month plus VAT for Zoom networking meetings.

The cost is €130 per month plus VAT for the in person networking meetings. 

These are the founder member prices.


Payment Schedule:

Payments can be made by D/D and will be pro-rated up to the end of 2022.  From there, billing will be annualised.  Alternatively, an invoice can be sent for a once off payment if preferred. Please email connect@ignitebusinessnetwork.ie with any queries.



The meetings run weekly and it is expected that members will attend most weeks. We fully understand that people take holidays, kids get sick – all is good on that front!

In signing up to be a part of Ignite Business Network, we want you to make your time available to support and engage in the network.  Engage with others in the way you want them to engage with you!


What’s Included:

  • 4 weekly networking events per month 
  • Digital business card
  • Private Linkedin Ignite Business Network group page
  • Directory listing
  • Social media member profiles 

As the network builds and scales, additional benefits and other opportunities will be added to the membership benefits.


Some Additional Benefits Include:

  • Monthly masterclass – a monthly masterclass will be hosted on a topic of interest to members in order to help them upskill
  • Interview for the NetworkMe podcast
  • Social outings and activities
  • Mentoring programme
  • Quarterly in person meetups & luncheons for Zoom based networking groups. (these will be ticketed)
  • Mastermind